Travel Agent Booking Engine

Feature Set:
travel search:
Enables search by island region, hotel star rating, hotel room type/view and car company/type.
Compare air: Compare air in at least 6 ways, including non-stop vs. all
flights; flights by carrier; all prices-- up to 24 different flights;
sort by departure times and shortest flight.
Multi-city, open jaw: Create itineraries with up to 3 destinations, perfect for island-hopping in Hawaii.
Real-time availability, true package price: What you see is what you pay: All travel inventory displayed is available at the price quoted. We don't quote fares that aren't available. Prices displayed are inclusive of taxes.
Easily up sell or down sell: Upgrade easily: Our system enables you to easily compare prices and select different hotel room types/views throughout a booking, or select a different car type.
Deals and offers: We are happy to offer many hotel free-night offers and other promotions. It is easy to shop and compare hotel deals at a glance.
Travel insurance: A valuable customer offering, travel insurance is available for all itineraries at your discretion and pays you a 10% commission.
Professional support: Our Hawaii-based, online travel services staff provides knowledgeable, responsive agent support by phone. This website,, is a growing knowledge base for our registered travel partners providing extras such as additional hotel information, news updates and announcements important to you, tips and special deals to get the most out of booking online with us.
Activities: Many popular activities can be booked through the "destination services" feature, for each island, and earn commission.
Agency administrator features: Add and delete sub-agents, change your email and other information, view sales reports and more with our easy-to-use administrator interface.

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