Travel Agent Commission

Name Your Commission!

Net Rates:
We provide all travel inventory to you as a low, net price with our markup included.

Flexible Markup:
You recieve 100% of the commission you specify. You can specify a percentage or dollar amount, and you can vary commission by trip type and package type. Your markup is not visible to your client. Note, be sure to include a 3% fee in your markup, above your commssion percentage, to cover processing.

Commission payments are issued the Thursday following the previous ARC week (Monday - Sunday.)

Competitive Package Pricing:
Our wholesale net rates allow retail prices inclusive of your commission and processing fee that are competitive with major online sites such as Expedia and Orbitz. You recieve 10% commission on travel insurance.


There is no setup or ongoing cost for our agent booking engine. We make money only when you make money. All fees are included in the totals, except for a processing fee of 3%.

Upsell or Downsell

Flexible markup allows you to upsell or downsell hotel and car according to your client and market. We have great incentives such as hotel "free night" and room upgrade offers loaded in the system, that make it easy for you to find an opportunity to add value and make your client's Hawaiian vacation more memorable. We include a handy "free nights" reference list in, to give you an idea of the specials offered by the many properties in the date range you are targeting.

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