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If you are experiencing a login problem or an access problem with our site, please call (808) 738-3540 or toll free (866) 444-4352.

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  • My Agency just gave me a login. My login doesn't work:

    Did your Agency create a login for you? It takes up to one business day to update our database and activate your login. If it has been longer than one day and your login still dose not work please email us at information@pantours.net or call (808) 738-3540 for immediate activation.

  • I need to access AgentDirect now!

    If you already have an AgentDirect login, into AgentDirect here Please call us at (808) 738-3540 or toll-free (866) 444-4352 to fix this situation so your login will work correctly.

  • I recently registered and my login doesn't work

    Have you waited more than one business day and have still not received confirmation or contact from us? Feel free to call us at(808) 738-3540 or toll-free (866) 444-4352 during normal business hours. Please note that we are on Hawaii standard time. Please make sure that when registering, you have satisfied all requirements. Click here for registration requirements.

  • I have used PanTours.net in the past and now I can't get in?

    If you were able to log on previously or have purchased bulk air in the past, please contact your agency administrator. For additional support, call us at (808) 738-3540 or toll-free (866) 444-4352.

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