Multi City & Open Jaw Packages

Island Hopping Packages!

We are pleased to announce this enhancement to AgentDirect for booking air, hotel and car packages for multiple destinations and open jaw routing. You can now put together an attractive vacation package with up to 4 flights, allowing visits to as many as 3 islands and a flight home. Book Air-Room-Car, Air-Hotel or Air-Car.

Overview of the Multi-Destination Package Booking Process

Step 1: First, choose the package type, such as Air/Car/Hotel, and then click on the new multiple destinations button. Fill out information for the first destination. Then simply click on "add another destination" and you can keep creating new legs for the journey. At the last destination, choose "I need a return flight home," and you will be prompted to fill in information for the last leg. You will also have the opportunity to create an open-jaw itinerary by clicking on the link, "end the trip here."

Step 2: After the search, you will be presented with the least expensive package option on the "Select Itinerary" page, with details for each leg of the journey. To upgrade or make different selections, from the "Select Itinerary" and "Review Itinerary" pages, you will have the option to select from all hotels, all flights, and all cars we have available for the trip dates.

Step 3: Our confirmation page and confirmation emails will display details of all legs of the journey.

New: Flexible Hotel and Car Dates
Yet another exciting development is the ability to make hotel and car reservations for dates that are different from your flight departure and return dates, to further customize a trip for your client's special needs. Two links are available on the initial search page, "Change your hotel check-in/check-out dates" and "Change your car pick-up/drop-off dates and times." This feature is available for roundtrips, one-way travel and multiple destinations:

New One-Way Travel Option

Another addition to our search engine is a one-way travel with hotel and car options. At the top of the search page, select the package that you want: air, car & hotel, air & hotel or air & car and click the “One way” option. On the search page for one-way travel, remember to enter the hotel check-out date or, if booking a car, the car drop-off date.

Sample Page

Click here to see a sample of the new multi-city destination search page.

We value your opinion about the latest changes to our booking engine. Please send your comments to

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