AgentDirect FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

We are user friendly:
Our AgentDirect booking engine is very user-friendly and self-explanatory--and most agents are happy to just start booking!

However, here is a handy sheet with some answers to frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Our professional support team can assist with online booking questions and much more. Call toll free (866) 444-4352 or locally in Hawaii, (808) 738-3898, or email us at


1. How do I adjust my markup? When you begin a booking, on the first page in the trip information area, there is a box called SET MARKUP. The auto-default is a setting of 10%. You can change this setting easily to create your custom markup. You can set a percentage, or a dollar amount. IMPORTANT: There is a 3% processing fee that is deducted from the markup amount. Your markup must be adjusted by you to include this fee. For example, we recommend that you change your markup from 10% to 13% in order to collect a 10% commission.

To figure your markup:
Commission plus 3% = Your Markup

After you search travel, you will find a “Change Markup” box on the itinerary selection pages, near the top, that allows you to make changes at will. Experiment with this; feel free to test different markups. Totals are easily re-priced.

2. Can I see my net? Two prices display on the “select itinerary” page—the net amount is below and the net plus your markup is displayed above. This allows you to compare the nets and compare the consumer price with your markup. A package sample is shown below:

3. Where do I see the price breakdown with commission and fees? If you want to check the price breakdowns for all markups and fees after you've made an itinerary and before you purchase, it's easy. Look for this link "Show Pricing Details":

It will open out to show the breakdown:

4. I cannot find the markup box. Where is it? Subagents with a fixed, pre-set markup set by an administrator will not be able to see the markup boxes and adjust the markup. Administrators for agencies can make a pre-set markup amount for their agents in the Admin Features>Manage Markups, or allow sub-agents to use the flexible markup feature. Different markups can be created for different trip types.


5. Will I receive a confirmation email, with a pricing breakdown? Yes. Your individual agent email address (submitted during the registration process) will be automatically entered in the “Agent email” field on the "Book Itinerary" page. You may change or edit this email address. A confirmation email will be sent to this address, with a pricing detail breakdown including your markup and fees.

6. Will my client receive a confirmation email and will they see the pricing details? To send a confirmation email to your customer you must enter your customer's email address in the appropriate email address field which is below the billing address information on the “Book Itinerary” page. Your client will receive an email with the total selling price only (only agency emails will show the pricing detail breakdown.)
Administrators please note: One of the “Admin Features” functions is called “Manage Customer Confirmation E-mails”. DO NOT use this option to send confirmations to your customer. The “Manage Customer Confirmation E-mail” option within Admin Features of Agent Direct is used to send copies of the agent confirmation email to one (1) specified email address. For example, Agency ABC has 5 agents and 1 managing agent. The administrator could set the managing agents email address into this field so the managing agent would receive the agent confirmations (with price breakdowns) made by all agents.

7. Whose identity is on the email to my client? What is the identity of the merchant on the credit card statement? Online Travel Services is the name of the merchant account on your client’s credit card statement-- the credit card statement will not have your agency name as the merchant. Please notify your client to expect this charge. AgentDirect is the neutral brand used for our booking engine and for the default header in client email correspondence. If you prefer, we can set up your account to use your brand in the header for your client correspondence (Please contact to set this up.) Emails are sent from Online Travel Services provides a toll-free phone number for your service needs and your client’s. This phone number is printed on the confirmation email to your client.


8. When do I receive my commission payment? Payments are issued the Thursday following the previous ARC week (Monday – Sunday) either via ACH deposit (quicker) or via check. Payments are issued under the name "Online Travel Services."

9. Can my commission payments be directly deposited in my account? Yes, we can set you up to receive ACH deposits, as long as your depositing bank is located in the United States. Please fill out the ACH application form and fax to Pan Tours accounting (fax number on the form.)

10. Can I pay for my AgentDirect online booking by company or personal check? No, all online purchases must be made by credit card. If cash or check payment is preferred, the booking would need to be made off line with Pan Tours for air only or HotTrips (Hawaii interisland consultants) for packages. To set this up, you will need to contact Pan Tours ticketing, email with a request for more information or call (808) 732-6691.

11. Why would a credit card decline when I know there are enough funds in the account? There are many reasons why this may happen. Unfortunately we would not be able to give the reason as to why the charge declined as the issuing banks do not provide that information. Your customer will need to check with the financial institution that issued the card.


12. Can I add sub-agent logins for my agency? Subagents can be added by agency administrators through the Admin Features>Manage Agent Accounts. However, if a subagent is added, or there are other changes to logins and passwords, the login for may not be activated for up to 48 hours. Please call us at (808) 738-3810 or (808) 738-3502 if you need immediate activation, or email for assistance. Please note, if you are an agency administrator, explore the "Admin" tab for many features available for your agency.


13. How do I get Airline Locators, Seat Assignments, Ticket numbers, Hotel and Car confirmation numbers? To obtain this any of this information please contact Online Travel Services by emailing or call toll free (866) 444-4352 or on Oahu, Hawaii local (808) 738-3898.

14. How do I make a more specific search, such as for one specific airline, or a car company, or a hotel rating? If you need to refine travel search beyond the basics, be sure and click on the "More search options link" after filling out the trip information on the very first page. This opens out additional selections for:

  • Airline
  • Seating Class
  • Non-Stop Flights
  • Hotel Rating
  • Car Company
  • Car Type

15. How do I book an open-jaw or multi-city trip? These trips are available for AIR ONLY bookings at this time. On the first page (Search Travel), choose the "Air Only" radio button and then choose "Multiple Destinations."


16. How do I place an itinerary on “Hold”? To hold an itinerary: After you have searched travel and then selected an itinerary, at the bottom of the “review itinerary” page you will be presented with options to “purchase”, “hold” or “start over”. Click on “hold” and fill out all traveler and billing address information. Click on “Hold now” and your itinerary will be saved. You will find your held itineraries under the “held itineraries” tab near the top of the page. There are several search options for finding a held itinerary conveniently. To purchase an itinerary you must click on the “buy” link. You can create and then hold an itinerary for up to 48 hours. Note: Not all itineraries may be placed on “hold”-- see below.

17. I don't see the "Hold" button for this itinerary. How do I hold it? Some itineraries cannot be held. This is based on airline rules and availability for certain flights. If the hold button is not available, that means the itinerary cannot be held, it is for an instant purchase.

18. Can I still purchase a “Held” booking that has expired? We are unable to reinstate an expired booking. Check to see if you are able to recreate the same package.

19. What happens if I hold an itinerary but the fares have changed when my client is ready to buy?
A held itinerary will hold the seat, but does not guarantee the price. Fares are subject to change until the ticket is purchased. If you proceed to purchase a held itinerary and there are no price changes, the transaction will proceed normally. If there has been a price change, you will not be able to complete the transaction. The computer will issue a "processing error" message and direct you to call OTS (Online Travel Services). Please call OTS to re-price and complete your transaction toll free (866) 444-4352 or on Oahu, Hawaii local (808) 738-3898.

20. Can I make a change to a “Held” booking? No. Since the itinerary cannot be modified in the AgentDirect system to reflect changes to the itinerary or price, changes will not be accepted for held itineraries. A new booking must be made.

21. I created a held itinerary. My client had changes, so I have booked a new itinerary and purchased it. Do I cancel the first one? Yes, call us to cancel. Multiple itineraries with duplicate passenger information may be canceled by the airline reservation system, with or without a purchase. It is highly recommended that you call Online Travel Services toll free (866) 444-4352 or on Oahu, Hawaii local (808) 738-3898, to cancel unneeded itineraries with any duplicate air space and avoid a possible cancellation by the airline(s). Held itineraries in our system that are not purchased by the expiration date/time limit will automatically be deleted.


22. Once I purchase an itinerary, am I able to make changes or cancel a booking using the AgentDirect booking system? – No. You must contact Online Travel Services to make any changes or cancellations. Payment, if any, must be made at the time of the change or cancellation. Call toll free (866) 444-4352 or on Oahu, Hawaii local (808) 738-3898,

23. How do I get a copy of airline terms and conditions for my reference? The trip terms and conditions will print as part of the confirmation email. Copies of our trip terms can also be found on the Trip Terms page on


24. Is insurance optional? Trip insurance is optional. The default is set to “no” insurance, if you wish to purchase trip insurance, click “yes.” You make 10% commission on trip insurance.

24a. Why Should You Purchase Travel Insurance?
With most travel being nonrefundable after purchase, travel insurance will cover the cost of penalties and/or nonrefundable portions of your travel if you or your traveling companion become ill or injured preventing you from traveling.

For more information on travel protection for air-only travel click here: For more information on travel protection for air and land packages click here:


25. Is there a shortcut to book a repeat client and automatically retain that client’s information?
Yes, click on the “Itinerary Search” tab and search by the client last name. When you locate the specific repeat customer and are ready to book another itinerary for this client, click on the link “Book New Travel.” This will pre-fill the client’s name and address on the “Book Itinerary” page. Note that you must add any additional travelers and the credit card information that will be used to purchase the new itinerary.


26. I see you advertise hotel specials but how do I find them and book them? We advertise many specials. You can find many of our best deals listed on the Featured Specials page in, and even more in our “Free nights specials” pages. However, they are all booked ala carte through the same search travel process in our booking engine. The search results page will only display the least-expensive room available for any particular hotel. Many specials are great deals in the more expensive room categories and will make for a memorable Hawaii vacation; to find the deals for more expensive categories such as Ocean View rooms, first choose the least expensive room for the hotel you want, and continue booking. On the next page, you will be able to view all the room selections—and specials—available for that hotel.

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