Hawaiian Heiau

Travel agents, if your clients are traveling to the Aloha State you may be interested in telling them about the heiau, where many important aspects of life in ancient Hawaii centered around and where they can still see them. A heiau is a temple or shrine and served as one of the focal points for the religion of ancient Hawaii. As the word has no plural form in Hawaiian, the world heiau can refer to one or more than one […]

National Parks, Monuments and Historical Sites in Hawaii


Travel agents, tell your clients not to forget to bring their National Park pass along with them (assuming they already have one) on their next trip to the Aloha State. In fact, the number one attraction in Hawaii is the Valor in the Pacific National Memorial on Oahu, of which the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor is now a part of. But also, if they head out to Maui, Molokai and the Big Island, there are a number of great […]

What’s Okolehao?

Travel agents do you have clients who are traveling to Hawaii who also enjoy an alcoholic beverage on occasion? If so, they might be interested in sampling okolehao, which is Hawaii’s own distilled spirit, as well as learning more about it. Okolehao certainly has an interesting and very colorful history. Okolehao is a traditional Hawaiian alcoholic drink of which its principle ingredient is the root of the ti plant (see image above). The ti plant is also commonly used for […]

Good and Affordable Dining Options in Disneyland


Travel agents, summer time is here and your clients and their families may be calling on you to plan a travel itinerary to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. If so, do your clients a favor by telling them about places where pretty good food can be had at affordable prices in Disneyland. These places are also recommended because they afford your customers a chance to get out of the crowds and enjoy a relatively quiet and relaxing meal within […]

Things to Do with Kids in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Boat Harbor

Travel agents, do you happen to have clients traveling to Las Vegas with kids? And if so, have they ever asked you what can their kids do in the adult-oriented town of Sin City? This is a question that many have asked when visiting Las Vegas. While the Strip and Downtown areas are probably not the ideal places for kids, there are a number of places in the area or nearby that would probably appeal to them. Plus, most of […]

How’s the Weather in Hawaii?


It’s a question that many of your customers may ask you as their travel agent. If your customers are coming from the Northeast or the Midwest during winter when it’s minus 10 and snowing heavily, well you can safely tell them the weather in Hawaii is going to be a lot better than where they are now, for very obvious reasons. But what if it’s not so obvious in other times of the year? What do you tell them? For […]

What’s Poke and Why Should Your Clients Eat It?


Here is a food suggestion for travel agents, particularly those who are on the mainland, about to book a Hawaii vacation package for their clients. Typically, most tourists, especially foodies, like to partake of the local cuisine whenever they travel. And when traveling to Hawaii, most people would be interested in trying some of the local cuisine. Arguably, one of the most local of all local cuisine in the Aloha State would be poke. Poke is the quintessential food in […]

Things for Hawaii People to Do in Las Vegas Who Don’t Gamble

O'Callaghan -Tillman Bridge_edited-1

Well we all know that most Hawaii people travel to Las Vegas just to gamble. But what if you don’t? What is there to do in Sin City if you just don’t find gambling interesting or fun? Actually for those that don’t gamble, and even for those that do, there are a lot of interesting and fun things to do in and around Las Vegas. Local Sightseeing – There is an abundance of things you can see within Las Vegas […]

Restaurant Recommendations in Las Vegas


Hawaii travel agents, many of your kama’aina clients will probably be staying in the downtown area of Las Vegas when traveling to Hawaii’s Ninth Island.  There, they will be most probably eating at the standard places like the California Hotel, Main Street Station or the Fremont.  Here, they can get virtually the exact same type of food they can find in any local restaurant or drive in in the 50th State. But we’re wondering if kama’ainas would want to try […]

Suggestions for Some Unique Omiyage from the Mainland


Hawaii travel agents, when your clients are traveling the really big island of North America (i.e., the mainland), go the extra mile for them and offer them some truly unique suggestions for bringing back omiyage. For the benefit of mainland and international readers, omiyage is a custom of buying gifts on your travels to give to your friends and loved ones back home. Pan Tours feel these suggestions would appeal to kama’ainas as our intrepid staff based on the big […]

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