Las Vegas Developments

Las Vegas

It’s no secret that Hawaii residents most favorite place to visit is the Aloha State’s “Ninth Island” of Las Vegas. For the benefit of those unfamiliar for the rationale behind this moniker, the Hawaiian Islands are made up of 8 major islands, and since island residents love Las Vegas so much, they have claimed it as the so-called Ninth Island. So here’s a rundown of some of the latest developments for those people in Hawaii who want to know what […]

Multi Island All-Inclusive Hawaii Vacation Packages

P1090023 - BI

As we specialize in Hawaii vacation packages, we have come up with innovative online solutions tailored to this market. As far as we know, the other guys haven’t even thought of doing something like this. Why? Most probably because offering all-inclusive Hawaii vacation packages isn’t their number one focus. But we at Pan Tours and our sister company Panda Travel can tell you that, being the State’s largest travel wholesaler and largest travel agency, doing travel to from and within […]

Hawaii’s Top Tourist Attraction

When thinking about visiting Hawaii, one can reasonably suppose such a thought would conjure up images of sitting on the white sands of Waikiki Beach with views of iconic Diamond Head in the background and a girl dancing hula in the foreground. But it may come to the surprise of some that the most visited attraction in Hawaii is not a beach, volcanic cinder cone or hula show or anything of that sort. Furthermore, not too many people know that […]

Three New Carriers Serving Hawaii

Buying Hawaii Tickets Wholsale

The arrival of three new air carriers serving the Aloha State is always good news for anyone associated with the Hawaii tourism industry. Not only will the entry of new airlines serving Hawaii will bring new tourism dollars to the local economy; but the entrance of any new airline competitor into the market will generally help to keep airfares down. The new carriers are Virgin America, Jin Air and AirAsia X. Virgin America The award-winning carrier is in the process […]

Hidden Spots on the Big Island

Big Island

You’ve probably heard about the Big Island’s most famous attractions, like Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the high-end hotel properties along the Kohala Coast and the world-class deep sea fishing in and premium coffee plantations in Kona. But as in many other places that you visit, the Big Island of Hawaii has its own hidden spots that are amazing to see and visit. For the most part, these places, whether they are fascinating landmarks or great dining establishments, are not known […]

Top Five Things to Do In Las Vegas For Non-Gamblers


If you go to Las Vegas, most of you will be going to gamble right? But what if you go to Las Vegas with family members or friends that don’t gamble? Or what if you need to convince a non-gambler to travel with you to Las Vegas? What can you do if you don’t like to gamble? Fortunately, there are lots of things to do in Southern Nevada if you don’t like to gamble. Here’s our top five list for […]

High Speed Rail Between Las Vegas and Victorville?

Travel agents, your customers may be calling you about a high speed train proposal to Las Vegas. But this train starts from Victorville? We know the first question you are going to ask is where in the world is Victorville and why would you put a high speed rail station there? And here are the answers. Victorville is a California town in the Mojave Desert of about 100,000 people located 90 miles outside of Los Angeles. Victorville was selected as […]

Why Most Hurricanes Don’t Hit Hawaii

Recently, there was news about a number of hurricanes heading towards Hawaii. Fortunately, as in most instances, their winds slowed down considerably as they headed away from the islands without causing any damage. As a travel agent, your customers might have been asking you if it was safe to travel to Hawaii during such times. Obviously, when your clients see this on the news, it does definitely put a damper on your planning trip efforts to the Aloha State. While […]

The Hala Tree in Hawaii

Travel agents, have clients about to travel to Hawaii? If so, they might be interested in the story of one of most culturally important trees native to Hawaii. Hint: it’s not the coconut tree because, surprisingly, it’s not truly native to Hawaii. Unknown to most people outside of Hawaii, one of the trees most emblematic of the Aloha State is the iconic hala tree. The hala, or Pandanus, tree is of great cultural, health and economic importance, not only in […]

The Story of Hawaii’s Kiawe Honey

Travel agents, if you have customers traveling to Hawaii, you might want to tell them about bringing home some of this hard-to-find premium brand of Hawaiian honey, called kiawe honey. Some consider this type of Hawaiian honey as some of the finest honey in the world. The National Geographic Magazine is reported to say that one particular brand of Hawaiian honey is among of the best honey in the world. Why is this type of Hawaiian honey so exquisitely good? […]

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