Buying Hawaii Tickets on a Wholesale Basis

Buying Hawaii Tickets Wholsale

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Travel agents, if you need to competitively priced Hawaii tickets on a wholesale basis you can purchases them from a number of travel suppliers on an online basis.  The major travel suppliers, such as Expedia and and others like Pan Tours, Hawaii’s largest travel wholesaler, have channels where travel agents can access Hawaii travel inventory on an online basis at discounted wholesale rates.

Options for Travel Agents

In general, travel agents have a number of options for accessing and selling Hawaii tickets on a wholesale basis.  They include selling through the traditional brick-and-motar basis through the phone or in person or by selling through the travel agent’s website. Typically, there are no set up fees associated with setting up either arrangements through travel wholesalers.

Selling Hawaii Tickets Offline to End Users

Generally, the larger wholesale companies, such as Expedia or, typically focus on offering discounted hotel inventory and not airline tickets.  On some travel suppliers like Pan Tours, which focus exclusively on the Hawaii travel market, offers wholesale rates on flights to, from and within Hawaii in addition to discounted pricing on Hawaii hotel and rental car inventory. Typically, such discounted inventory from travel wholesalers can be readily accessed on an online basis and marked up to a desired retail rate by the travel agent or alternatively be awarded commissions for sales made through such arrangements.

Selling Hawaii Tickets on Websites

Travel agents with websites also have the option of selling inventory from wholesale travel suppliers by typically hyperlinking the wholesaler’s booking widget or website on their website and by branding it to look like it’s a part of the travel agent’s website. Such arrangements are typically called affiliate agreements. Generally travel agents would be offered commissions for inventory sold via affiliate arrangements.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more in learning more wholesale Hawaii travel inventory, you can check out the Pan Tours website or by calling the company directly at (808) 732-6691.

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